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Are Male Enhancement Pills for Real?Penis Enhancement

Penis enlargement is a massive online industry. Men all over the world are looking to gain extra inches in penis length and girth. There are so many male enhancement choices. But what works, and what doesn’t? What are the facts behind the incredible claims made by the advertisements to promote this industry? Is penis enlargement possible?

Let’s get right down to it. Male Enhancement Pills do not work. There you go. I have said it. They have never worked. They probably won’t ever work in the future. They are completely fake. It is an enormous, multi-million dollar SCAM! that is going unchecked. Let me hit you with a fact:

FACT – Not one single man on planet earth has ever increased the size of his penis with male enhancement pills.

That’s right. Not a single one. No verified reports of penis enlargement whatsoever. These pills are completely fake. And the male enhancement creams, oils and patches are exactly the same. Here they are, the best sellers in this area, and they are all completely worthless to you, but very profitable to the manufacturer.

Male Enhancement Pills

Male Enhancement Drugs

These pills contain no active ingredients whatsoever. In most cases the pills are made up of harmless herbal supplements. In other cases, some of these “male enhancement” pills contain potentially harmful ingredients. They do not fall under control of the FDA. They are completely unregulated.

Stay away from these at all costs. They are FAKE. Manufactured purely to take your money while giving you no results whatsoever. 

There are ways to enlarge your penis, (which I will get to shortly) but it is impossible to do it with pills.

Anytime you read about success stories with these pills, you are reading fake reviews. Anytime you see a guy dressed as a doctor recommending these, well, that’s all he is… a guy dressed as a doctor. Just taking part in an elaborate marketing scheme to give credibility to the myth that penis enlargement with pills is achievable. It is time to say enough!

Don’t believe me? Just go ask your doctor. No qualified doctor would ever recommend these pills. My apologies if they laugh in your face, but this is an important lesson to learn.

I know that on these sites you will be presented with science to support their claims of increased girth. Guess what? It is all fake. If you visit these sites, no doubt you will be presented with a drawing (like the one below) of a penis and an explanation about how the pills will increase the size of the corpora cavernosa, leading to increased length and girth. Well guess what? It is all 100% crap.

corpora cavernosa

The kind of image they use for their fake science

If you presented this idea to a surgeon or a family doctor, he or she would laugh at how ridiculous this claim is. There is a way to increase the size of the corpora cavernosa (which I will get to shortly) but it is not with these fake pills.

Think about it. Are there any other body parts that can be increased in size with pills? No. None. It is all a big money-spinning hoax.

So don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your money. There is no such thing as a magical penis enlargement pill.

So what are your options?

Well there are actually three ways that can increase the size of your penis. Quite substantially in some cases. Let’s take a closer look at these:

Penis Enlargement methods

1 – Penis Exercises - The only true, effective, permanent, non-surgical way to increase the size of your penis is through penis stretching exercises. This has been proved time and time again by thousands of men who are thrilled with their results.

Penis Enlargement desire

Give Her Something to Look at

There are many different programs available on the market promising penis enlargement, but it is essential to choose one that has an excellent reputation and a proven success rate.

I followed the Penis Advantage Program.  It has changed my life. My penis length has increased by over 2 inches in just over 3 months. I am still on this journey, and still follow the program. Average gains with this program range between 2 and 4 inches. But there are quite a number of reports of men breaking the 4″ barrier. And this is what I am aiming for. If I don’t make it, I will still have achieved considerable penis enlargement in a short space of time.

I have never been happier. My confidence levels are off the chart, and I am spending time with women I would have been to shy to talk to just three months ago. This program is a life changer. The ultimate male enhancement program in the eyes of many thousands of men, myself included.

Another program that is well regarded and has achieved remarkable results is the Penis Enlargement Bible program. I have spoken to many men who describe the program as effortless and life-changing. Results of 2 to 4 inches are the norm for any man following the program for just a few months.

Both programs work in a similar way. You follow a set sequence of penis stretching exercises, combined with a routine of squeezing the penis to gently force blood into the shaft and increase the size of the corpora cavernosum.

These programs result in longer, thicker, harder, stronger erections, and the best part is that the results are permanent. That’s right. When you reach your penis enlargement goals, and stop the penis exercises, the results do not go away.

If you are serious about increasing the size of your penis, all you have to do is choose one of these programs now. Work at it for just a few minutes a day, and get ready to see real results in just a couple of months. Think about it, by the time Spring comes around you could be a completely different man. So go buy yourself a pair of Speedo’s swimwear, and get ready for the best summer of your life.

The beauty of these courses is that if you stick with the program, dedicate a few minutes a day, and carry out the exercises as instructed, then you can not fail to see results. You will definitely see an increase of between 2-4 inches. That’s right. Penis enlargement is guaranteed

Penis Enlargement Results

As with any exercise it is important to follow the routine completely. Do not overdo it as this could cause damage. If the manual says to do 6 minutes of exercise one day, then do 6 minutes. Don’t try and speed the process up and do 12 minutes. This won’t work. This will put too much strain on your body, which will lead to injury. This will set you back, and you will need time to recover, before starting the penis enlargement course again.

There is a great deal of scientific research behind these courses. I first saw this technique on a television documentary over 15 years ago. In that time they have tested, learned, and refined the routine to give you the maximum possible results in the shortest period of time, without the risk of damaging your body.

There are many courses out there promising you quick results and I really wanted to show you 3 different courses on this site (my OCD means I am drawn to the rule of threes!). But to be honest with you, I couldn’t find a third course that I could put any faith in. I couldn’t find another course that had so many reports of real men achieving such spectacular results. But with hindsight that is better for you. Now you only have two to choose from. Two programs that have produced HUGE male enhancement results in thousands of men.

So stop thinking. Choose a course and get on with it now. If you want to have the summer of your life. If you want the confidence of a porn star. If you are ready to pleasure women you could only dream of being with, then you need to take action today. Right now.

You will not regret it. And in a few months when you are walking around with the equivalent of a steel pipe in your underwear, and women are in awe, you will realize how this one little decision today, influenced your whole future.

Then I want you to shoot me an e-mail in the summer telling me about your progress, so I can report it on this site.

Do it now. Because girls like this are waiting for you…

Penis Enlargement Reward

2 – Surgery – Next up we have surgery. It is only part of the penis that hangs outside of the body. The other part rests inside attached to the pubic bone. What happens in penis enlargement surgery is that they cut the ligaments attaching the penis to the pubic bone. This allows more of the penis to hang outside of the body. This does actually work. You can increase penis length with surgery But there are potential side effects.

Following this surgery, you lose control over the direction of your erection. Yes, you did read that correctly. Your erections might point in the usual direction, but it is also possible that they could point straight up, or even straight down. That is if you get an erection. Over 60% of men who have been through this surgery report dissatisfaction with the results, many having difficulty getting an erection afterwards.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

On top of that, it is an extremely expensive surgery, and it includes a ridiculously painful recovery period. All things considered, this is not a viable option.

3 – Penis Pumps – Last of all, there are penis pumps. These tend to go in and out of fashion. At some points they are viewed as the perfect solution to a man’s problem. At other times they are viewed as gimmicky and ridiculous.

One of the problems with penis pumps is that there are now so many of them available on the market that you don’t know where to turn, which product to look for, which features to seek.

So what is the truth about Penis Pumps? Do they work? Is male enhancement possible? The simple answer is yes… in a way. The majority of penis pumps available today are just toys, that will fall apart in no time. But a real, quality product can achieve temporary penis enlargement.

The problem with penis pumps is that they are incredibly dangerous. Overuse of a penis pump can result in burst blood vessels, and damaged nerves and tissues in the penis and pelvic area.

Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum to draw blood into the penis, swelling the corpus cavernosa. Even if you used a quality pump and did not overuse it, the effects will naturally reduce over a few days.There is no documented evidence of penis pumps creating a permanent, or even long term change to penis length.

So there you have it. If you want a permanent male enhancement solution, that gives you a longer, thicker stronger penis, then you only have one option, a structured, penis lengthening program.

So take action now:

Check out Penis Advantage and get ready for the summer of your life

Check out the Penis Enlargement Bible and become a new man

Both programs have an excellent reputation and a 100% success rate for anyone that has followed the course as instructed. It is down to personal preference which course you go with, but I recommend Penis Advantage, because that is what has made such a HUGE difference in my life.

Take action today, and become the man you always dreamed of being.


Penis Implants

Inflatable Penis Implants

penis implants

Just a quick post today, because I have just been reading about inflatable balloon implants for men to achieve penis enlargement.

Where these ideas come from astounds me. But even more astounding is that some men actually go though with this procedure. It is seen as a valid way to achieve the male enhancement wanted.

Inflatable Balloon Implants

So what is the actual procedure here? Well, these implants are designed to replace the Corpora Cavernosa chambers.

The Corpora Cavernosa chambers run through your penis. During a state of arousal these chambers fill with blood. This is what causes an erection. The size of these chambers therefore, largely influences the overall size of an erection.

The theory behind these implants is to use implants that are bigger than the Corpora Cavernosa which will result in bigger erections.

It is a worrying trend that men would even consider this purely for the purpose of increasing the size of the penis. Especially when you consider that there is a safe, effective and non-invasive method which has a proven success rate. It has been proved time and time again…

Penis enlargement exercises are the only safe way to a bigger penis

So don’t even think about ridiculous surgical methods to penis enlargement. Take the safe, easy option offered by penis enlargement exercises.

Inflatable balloon implants should only be considered by men with serious erectile dysfunction issues who can not achieve erection through normal arousal or with medicinal aid.

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